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How many of us have gone out of our ways to find a Shoprite or Publix to buy groceries at a relatively cheaper price – even if it meant spending an extra 10 dollars on gas money? How many people keep coupon books or subscribe to sale alerts in hopes of cutting down the monthly grocery bill? But one of the best aspects about the American market is the variety and availability of sales, and with a little effort, grocery bills can become manageable, allowing the occasional splurge.

Many of us would prefer to cut down on shopping bills, but scrolling through deals and sales can seem like a great hassle. So, sometimes in a rut we might be forced to run to a CVS or Walgreens and pay 4 dollars for a shampoo you saw for 1.50 at Payfair. We can become complacent and get used to shopping at the same place near our house because we feel that’s where the best deals are, but wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure, in actual numbers, how much could be saved by buying certain items from another store? These small pricing discrepancies are sometimes looked over, but pennies add up to dollars, which can become thousands in lost potential savings.

There are a lot of browser extensions which compare prices for online shopping, but how about actually knowing what real-time saving options you have, while on the go? That’s where Trupenni comes in handy; to help you find the lowest final price on an item or service you are interested in. I once bought a second hand bicycle for 150 dollars, only to find out, two hours later, that Walmart was selling brand new bikes for 100 dollars! Don’t make the same mistakes as me.

With Trupenni, not only do you get the real price details, but can also figure out which item has best value for money. Just because a 12oz bottle of peanut butter is priced at three dollars, doesn’t mean that it would be cheaper than the 24oz bottle priced at five dollars – the face value seems less, but in reality, you’re getting less ‘bang for buck’.

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to know which station has the lowest gas price when traveling out of town, or how to maintain your preferred diet while staying within budget? Trupenni can be used for buying everyday mundane items, or when making a onetime grocery dash. You can personalize the app to show the prices for all your important, recurring purchases. Also, remember to give back! If you find a good price in your travels, share it on the app so people around you can also make use of the deal as well.

It’s now your choice – you can either continue cursing your luck at money paid extra or you can take action and make informed spending decisions with the handy-dandy Trupenni app.


kate_morgan Kate Morgan
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