New Release!


In a platformed world, value is created in interactions between users, powered by data.
Sangeet Paul Choudary. (2015). Platform Scale

Last week we released few interesting updates to Trupenni. With the new version we now can

  • Like or dislike a Price Tip
  • Ask or answer questions
  • Share a Price Tip with others
  • Last but not least, reflect all these activities in user’s TruScore. Shown right underneath the profile picture the numbers are calculated based on the following three categories: Price Tips submitted, likes gained, and Price Tips shared.

But wait, what? What is Price Tip?

A Price Tip to Trupenni is what rating is to Yelp. It is that concise, yet valuable data which puts our minds at ease by guarding our budget. Check the 50 sec video at the bottom showing what it takes to create one.

So, did you find a Price Tip useful? Did it help you save money?  If yes, then like it! Let others know that this information was helpful and valuable.

We are still running in closed beta mode, so in order to get your hands on the application you’d need to sign up for our newsletter and let us know that you are ready to test the application by updating your profile.

As an early adopter you will get all future premium services for free. This is our way of saying thank you!

Any thoughts, comments, questions?
Be sure to send them to us.


Aram Ovanesian
Founder and Creator
@aram208 @trupenni

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