The Bumper Fix


As written in my first blog, I was in the market for a simple bathtub repainting job and almost swindled out of $3,000 for what should have cost only a fraction of that! I thought then the same thing I think now – why isn’t there a 100% transparent system where consumers can share with other consumers THE ACTUAL PRICE?


Don’t even know when or how this happened

Recently, I was directed to a supposedly reputable body shop by my trusted car dealership for a bumper repair. I was disappointed that I couldn’t stay in the comfort zone of my long-standing team of mechanics but since they did not offer body repairs, I had to allow “a great place with high ratings” to deliver on the promise.

When I arrived, the body shop was small with about ten or so team members. It was a clean, well-lit atmosphere that put me at ease as I sat waiting for the technician to estimate how much it would cost to make my Honda Pilot look like new again. The walls were plastered with testimonials, happy smiles of previously satisfied customers, and firm commitments of quality. So far, so good…

After a little while the technician appeared with an estimate in hand. After close inspection I saw the repairs were estimated at $617 without replacing the bumper, and $720 with a full bumper replacement. 


Initial estimates

Even with insurance, this was a serious bill. Thoughts of higher insurance premiums and liquidated savings danced through my head. I just couldn’t bring myself to move forward. And so the thought occurred to me once again – someone else, somewhere else, no doubt received the same bumper repair service and probably paid less, but how will I ever know!?

Over the next few days I continued my bumper repair market research. Eventually I discovered a company called “Paint N Go” specializing in minor body repairs, you guessed it – on the go! A few days later, this company arrived at my home and – voila! My bumper was as good as new for a fraction of the initial price. I only paid $120!

Feeling frugal and triumphant, I shared my story with a friend and she pointed out that most people wouldn’t have even questioned the price after two detailed quotes. She got me thinking, why not!?

Questioning the supposed expert is never easy, especially since one cannot be knowledgeable in all things, thus we as humans shy away from questions, second guesses, and negotiation all together. We prefer to just pull out our checkbooks or silently walk away.

Still on a money-saving high, I created a record in Trupenni which included price, short description of the service with an image, and full business details (which get automatically pulled once you enter the business name). For those of you participating in the Beta testing program, you can find the price record I created by setting your search location to “Tampa, FL” and entering “bumper” as your search keyword.

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Aram Ovanesian
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