Best prices for the smallest bills   How many of us have gone out of our ways to find a Shoprite or Publix to buy groceries at a relatively cheaper price – even if it meant spending an extra 10 dollars on gas money? How many people keep coupon books or subscribe to sale alerts… Read More

New Release!   In a platformed world, value is created in interactions between users, powered by data. Sangeet Paul Choudary. (2015). Platform Scale Last week we released few interesting updates to Trupenni. With the new version we now can Like or dislike a Price Tip Ask or answer questions Share a Price Tip with others… Read More

Best Price

Originally posted on killerstrartups.com by Keith Liles On a random walk one hot afternoon my first week in New Orleans, I wandered into a grocery store in search of refreshment. I found a familiar friend, Founders IPA, in the form of a 15 pack for just under $16. This price proved better than anywhere else… Read More

The Bumper Fix   As written in my first blog, I was in the market for a simple bathtub repainting job and almost swindled out of $3,000 for what should have cost only a fraction of that! I thought then the same thing I think now – why isn’t there a 100% transparent system where… Read More


The Story   When we moved into our little condo apartment down in Clearwater, FL in 2004, my wife and I did a lot of remodeling ourselves, but when it came to repainting the bath tab, we knew we hit our DIY limits. Back then finding the right man for the job meant opening up… Read More