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How it works

Trupenni is a free application which allows you to easily search and share price information just about anything.

With Trupenni you can make better budget decisions by learning the actual, out-of-pocket price on an item or a service.

Using a simple form with three fields, you can create a concise — yet complete — entry about a service you have received or an item you have purchased.

Traveling? Use search to quickly check out the prices at your destination.

Sharing prices

Using a simple form with three fields and the power of Google, you can create concise — yet complete — price entry to share with your local community

Configuring favorites

Configure the 'My Stuff' view to show the prices on your favourite items and services. You can enter keywords such as 'pizza' or even business names!

Searching prices

Traveling? Wondering about the prices at your destination? Use search to quickly check out the prices. You can enter keywords such as 'pizza' or even business names!

Frequently Asked Questions

How the price data is selected for the All and My Stuff views?

The All view starts by looking for price data within a 10-mile radius around your default location. If no results are found, the radius is incrementally increased for up to 100 miles. If still nothing, then the system just shows the latest prices.

The logic for the My Stuff view is the same as above, but the data is additionally filtered based on the keywords configured in the settings.
Additionally, the prices posted by you are also shown in this view.

How to populate the Qty/Units field?

Any purchase can always be described by price, quantity and, optionally, a unit of measurement.
Look through the highlights below:

Examples with both quantity and units:

$250.00 for 1 hour of consulting services
$3.12 for 1 gallon of regular gas
$4.99 for 4 oz jar of apricot jam

Examples with packages:

$12.99 for 12pk 7oz bottles of Stella Artois

Examples with quantity only

$50.00 for 1 men's haircut
$99.99 for 3 tickets to jazz fest

Why do you need location data?

Location data is used to narrow down the search results. We do not track your location (or use this information for any other purpose).

How do I quickly check prices in another city or state?

Easy. When using the search bar from the main view, manually enter the desired location. This will only affect the temporary search results.

How to get better search results?

Think of how you’d describe a price if you were to share it in the first place.
For example, if you would say that "I paid $3.12 per 1 tall cup of cappuccino" then use the word "cappuccino" to check out what others have paid and where.
Note, that you can use business names as well and get all price tips shared for that business.
Examples: Starbucks, Best Buy

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